Vaccines for women poultry keepers

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Vaccines for women poultry keepers

Cowtribe’s Shepherd project is supporting to increase women poultry keepers access to newcastle vaccines using mobile technology. Newcastle vaccines protects poultry against this deadly Newcastle disease is a harmful virus that can cause mortality levels to reach seventy to eighty percent in birds during periods of outbreak.


The Shepherd Project launched in May 2017 will target over 10 000 women poultry farmers in fifteen districts in the Upper East Upper West and and the Northern Regions of the country. Since May 2017, smallholder farmers over 1200 women farmers have already benefited from Newcastle Disease poultry vaccination. The campaign is unlocking the economic potential of poultry production and improving the livelihoods of these farmers.


Cowtribe’s mission is to deliver life-saving animal vaccines and other veterinary services where they are most needed. The company has developed a unique cloud based system which allows farmers to register and request for vaccines services using their mobile phones. The company sends reminders to  farmers when it is time for their chicken to receive vaccines, and then facilitate all the logistics and supply processes to reliably deliver these vaccines to the farmers.


Women have been taking critical roles in their households and communities and improving. By selling their increased flocks of chicken at local village markets or to buyers who come for them at their homes, they have created a surplus in their income, which provides the business capital to start small informal businesses. These businesses are helping women diversify their livelihoods, contributing to their households’ income in times of distress.

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