Our mission is to deliver life-saving animal vaccines and other services where they are needed most and our pioneering innovation makes it possible rain or shine and cheaply!
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How Cowtribe Works

A Farmer Subscribes on Phone

Farmer subscribes for our service using his/her mobile phone. We collect the relevant information about the farmer and his/her animals to help us better  understand his needs.

We Manage all Schedules

We use the farmer’s information to create a schedule that’s tailored to the his/her exact needs. And then we manage all schedules and send him reminders when his animals are due for care.

We Deliver the Right Service

We coordinate the provider side,  managing all aspects of the service, obsessing over every detail to ensure that a qualified Vet comes to deliver the right treatment to his animals.

Forget what you know about vet care

Driving to the veterinary office, waiting on long queues, chasing supplies all week—today’s veterinary service is a pain when it shouldn’t be. At Cowtribe, we are pioneering innovation makes last mile delivery possible rain or shine. And we do it cheaply! Our system allows us to track the health statistics of each animal, reminds the farmer when it is time for his animals to receive vaccines, and then facilitate all the logistics and supply processes to reliably deliver these vaccines to the farmer.

Reaching the Last Mile Farmer

Delivering the Right Vaccines

Tracking the Important Metrics

Cowtribe is coming to the Upper Region 

Livestock farmers can now subscribe for animal vaccines at anytime and anywhere within the Upper East and West Regions with just a few taps on your phone.

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